Timber Furniture With a Difference

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Forest Furniture is a small range of modern non conventional solid timber furniture designed and made by the Thompson family (Thompsons Joinery Co), using their 150 years of  history and experience in the bespoke Joinery Manufacturing industry. Combining reclaimed and sensibly sourced hardwood with resins, slates and lighting options, our various pieces of furniture have been designed to use every part of the timber as well as fit into any environment whether it be a home or a business. The unique look we have achieved makes our products stand out and offers our customers something a little different. Every piece also has its own unique QR code given at the time of manufacture containing information such as manufacture date, reference number, materials used and in some cases the source of the chosen material.This adds a little more individuality to your purchase and also allows future generations to see the history of the piece of furniture. Our bespoke service also opens up a world of possibilities for other specific customer requirements including commercial enquires.                                     


“Every piece we hand make in our Yorkshire workshop has its own personality”


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There will be major changes to this website in the coming months as we will be opening our first online shop.